The turnaround time for our searches vary based on the type of search but the average completion time is instant to 3 business days.

Criminal Searches USA

 Report Time
National Super Search  Instant
National Search  Instant
National Sex Offender  Instant
State Search  Instant
County Search  2 to 3 Business Days
Federal Search  2 Business Days
Wants and Warrants  1 Business Day
Homeland Security  Instant
Business Search   1 Business Day
Florida Level 1 Search  Same Day
Florida Level 2 Search (Fingerprints)  Coming Soon
Florida Offender Alerts  Instant 
National Fingerprinting   Coming Soon
SafeCard ID Cards  3 to 7 Business Days 

Criminal Searches International  Report Time
Canada (Per Province)  3 to 10 Business Days (Average of 4)
Mexico (Per Jurisdiction)  3 to 10 Business Days
Puerto Rico (Per County)  3 to 10 Business Days
India  3 to 10 Business Days

Civil & Financial Records  Report Time
National Evictions  Instant
Bankruptcies & Liens Search  Same Day
Civil Litigation Search  2 Business Days
Federal Search  2 Business Days
County Search  2 Business Days
Credit Report (Employment)  Same Day
Credit Report (Tenant)  Same Day
Nationwide Pension Search  3 to 5 Business Days
Workers Compensation  3 to 10 Business Days

Driving History Records  Report Time
MVR Driving Records  Instant
National USA CDL License Search  Instant
Canada MVR History  Instant
Puerto Rico MVR History  2 to 3 Weeks
Vehicle & Registration  Same Day

Verification Services  Report Time
Education - College or High School  1 to 3 Business Days
Education - Enrollment Status Only  1 Business Day
Education - International  3 to 14 Business Days
Employment History  1 to 3 Business Days
Employment References  1 to 3 Business Days
Professional Licenses  1 to 3 Business Days
Certifications  Same Day
I-9 Immigration Status  Instant
Resume BASIC  3 to 5 Business Days
Resume PRO  3 to 5 Business Days
Resume ULTIMATE  3 to 5 Business Days

People Locator  Report Time
SSN Validation + Address History  Instant

HealthCare Screening  Report Time
Physician Background Search  1 Business Day
Nursing Home Report  2 Business Days
MedCLEAR Providers  Same Day
MedCLEAR Organizations  Same Day

Tenant Screening Records (USA)  Report Time
Basic Report  Same Day
Bronze Package  Same Day
Silver Package  Same Day
Gold Package  Same Day

Vital Records  Report Time

Birth Records  2 to 5 Business Days
Death Records  2 Business Days

Drug Screening  Report Time
e-Cup (5 Panel)  2 Business Days
DOT Urine  2 Business Days
non-DOT Urine  2 Business Days
Alcohol Screen  2 Business Days 

Skills Testing  Report Time
Employment Assessment Tests  Instant

Internet Background Screening  Report Time

Social Networking Search  1 Business Day
Dating Background Check  Instant 

Due Diligence Screening Report Time
Executive Background Check 1 to 3 Business Days
Investor Background Check 3 to 7 Business Days
Franchise Background Check 3 to 7 Business Days
Comprehensive Background Report  1 to 3 Business Days

Misc. Searches  Report Time
Document Retrieval Services   3 to 5 Business Days 
Military Service Records  2 Business Days
Property Background  1 to 3 Business Days
Police Report  3 to 21 Business Days
Business Partner Check  3 Business Days
Contractor Check  3 Business Days
Adverse Action Letters  Instant
Pre-Adverse Action Letters  Instant