To Properly Order a Safety1st CrimCHECK  Package, you need the NAME, DOB and SSN of the Subject:

(1) Login to your online account.

(2) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

(3) Enter the SUBJECTS  Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy) and SSN.

(4) Scroll down to select PACKAGES/SEARCHES and click the drop down box.

(5) Select Safety1st CrimCHECK under Packages and click the GREEN SELECT button.

(6) You will now see all searches included in the package. (National CriminalSUPERSEARCH & SSN Verification Check)

Green bars mean no further information is needed for processing.

(7) Click the GREEN ORDER button on top right - your TOTAL should be $19.95

NOTE: The system will CONFIRM that your ORDER was successfully placed.