Due to the nature of our Business, we DO NOT provide Refunds for the following Instant Searches: Criminal, Sex Offender, Social Security Number, Homeland Security, Eviction Records and Driving Records.


NO REFUNDS for Driving Records will be granted if the information you have submitted comes back as incorrect, invalid, in error or as “No Records Found". In addition NO REFUNDS will be granted under any circumstance since MVR reports are instant.

NO REFUNDS are granted for duplicate orders since the reports have already been processed and we have been charged by the courts for the data.

NO REFUNDS are granted for incorrect data entered for the search (ie. name misspellings, incorrect date of birth, incorrect SSN).

NO REFUNDS are granted for Education, Employment or Reference Checks that are returned as UNABLE TO VERIFY since a researcher has already attempted to obtain verification of the records based on the information submitted in the order - 3 attempts are made before the search is closed.

NO REFUNDS are granted for additional County Criminal checks that were ordered to properly verify records ("hits") on the instant criminal report.


Exceptions to Our Refund Policy:

1.) The NON-INSTANT search was ordered by mistake and has not been processed.

2.) You made a manual online payment trying to order a search instead of selecting Order Reports.

3.) There was a System Error (must provide proof ie. screen shot or exact error message ) that double charged your card.

 NOTE: Regardless of Exception, NO REFUNDS can be processed after 60 days due to our merchant system restrictions.


If you feel your charges are an exception please SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET so our Accounting Department can investigate your request.

If you have a dispute about a charge, we urge you to SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET before disputing the charge with your credit card company. We will investigate the dispute and resolve any issues immediately. Charge backs are taken seriously and are automatically referred to a collections agency.