Our National Criminal and State Criminal database checks will report as far back as the records are available.

Our County Criminal Check defaults to 7 years; however, you can manually select beyond 7 years up to 30 years.

Per FCRA there are some limitations on what can be reported beyond 7 YEARS:

These items of information are no longer reported if at any time it is learned that, in the case of a conviction, a full pardon has been granted or, in the case of an arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaint, a conviction did not result; except that records of arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaints may be reported pending pronouncement of judgment on the particular subject matter of those records.

NOTE:  Arrest Records, Complaints and any other Adverse Action WILL BE reported within the last 7 years from the date of the search requested. Beyond 7 years these records WILL NOT be reported - ONLY CONVICTIONS can be reported.

We do NOT Report Dismissed or Dropped Cases. Sealed or Expunged cases will NOT and CANNOT be reported.

We do REPORT Adjudication Withheld, Deferred Adjudication and PTI / PTD (Pre-Trial Intervention and Pre-Trial Diversion) Cases.