To Properly Order a Civil Record Search, you need the NAME, DOB and SSN:

(1) Login to your online account.

(2) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

(3) Enter the SUBJECTS  Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy) and SSN.

(4) Scroll down to select PACKAGES/SEARCHES and click the drop down box.

(5) Select ORDER INDIVIDUAL SEARCHES and click the GREEN SELECT button.

(6) Find the BANKRUPTCY, LIENS & JUDGMENT SEARCH then click on the search bar -

NOTE: You may have to click SHOW MORE SEARCHES at the bottom to the find the search.

(7) The bar will expand for more Information - select the STATE DISTRICT for the BANKRUPTCY search then click SAVE.

(8) The search will turn GREEN which means its ready to be processed - now click the GREEN ORDER button on top Right.