Social Security numbers are available from many different sources. For example, Social Security numbers are often contained in public records, such as death certificates, driving records, bankruptcy filings and lien documents. To protect yourself from fraud, avoid using your Social Security number as your "unique" identifying number unless you are required to so by law.  You can legally refuse to provide your Social Security number to private businesses unless it is required for governmental purposes (such as tax withholding).


To prevent widespread disclosure of your Social Security number, do not include the number on your checks, business cards or other documents. Similarly, do not use your Social Security number as your driver's license number or student identification number.

InfoCheckUSA utilizes the most advanced web technology available to secure all personal information entered into our system for background checking. In addition, we will NEVER sell or rent any clients personal information. Personal information such as SSN's and DOB's are only used for properly providing accurate background checks. Also Social Security Numbers and Date of Births are redacted on all background check reports and online accounts.