You may see an Additional Charge on your Account for the Following:

You ordered one of our INSTANT Criminal Database checks and it came back with Records (Hits) and to properly verify the records or case dispositions a County Criminal check had to be ordered. We are directly integrated with over 1500 county courts in the USA and for the courts that we are not integrated with we must dispatch a researcher to the court house to physically check the court records. A database check may not always return accurate records or case dispositions therefore a County Criminal check is utilized to accurately confirm the records and provide a quality criminal record report. Our goal is to protect your company by providing accurate criminal reports.

County Criminal Checks are $15.95 plus any court access fees (if required by the court) and take up to 3 Business Days to complete.

The County check will be ordered via your account during the QA PROCESS to expedite the verification of records. 

NOTE: A County Check SHOULD always be ordered with any State or National Database Check to provide comprehensive coverage.