InfoCheckUSA offers an integrated tool that can pull a list of past addresses based on a person's name and Social Security Number (SSN). Then the past addresses can be used to populate county-level and state-level searches during the ordering process. This way, you can search all counties that are appropriate for the applicant in question.

Following is some information describing PastPlus, along with the optional validation tool.


The PastPlus Address History product searches a database of collected information from thousands of sources. This database matches addresses, counties and SSNs to names. When ordering a PastPlus product, the information from this database is provided if the name that was searched is found on the database with a match to the SSN. If the name and SSN match, then you will be provided with all names and locations associated with that SSN. This may include some alternative name matches. The PastPlus product pulls information from all 3 major credit bureaus, local telephone companies, and personal mortgage lenders.

This information is to be used for research purposes only (to help determine what locations to search for county and state searches).

On its own, the PastPlus information should NOT be used to affect a hiring decision.

PastPlus with Validation Tag

The PastPlus Address History with Validation product hits a similar database and also performs some additional assessment by the database, which calculates whether the SSN is a valid Social Security number or not. If the SSN is not valid, the system will display No Records Found for the Given SSN. If you receive a validation statement of deceased, then the applicant is using an SSN that is associated to a deceased person. This product also includes information of when the SSN was issued and from what state it was issued. If you are receiving the PastPlus Address History with Validation product, you will see this information displayed like this:

Valid SSN


State Issued

North Carolina

Date Issued


From time to time, you may see Enumeration At Entry in the State Issued row. This simply means that the person recently immigrated and received a Social Security Number (that is, their number was chosen, or "enumerated," when they entered the country). Normally, the Date Issued will be a fairly recent year in this case. 

While we would like to be able to provide validation from the Social Security Administration in these searches, it is not currently possible. Due to government regulations, any information provided directly from the Social Security Administration must be requested manually with their official documentation including their applicant consent form. This process can take from 2 days to a week and is not a part of the PastPlus service.

The Social Security Trace product pulls information from all 3 major credit bureaus, local telephone companies, and personal mortgage lenders.