************* SAMPLE POLICY ***************


Driver's license checks will be performed on all applicants after a conditional offer of employment has been made and for annually thereafter for all employees where driving is an essential job function or who must obtain rental cars during the course of conducting company business. Applicants and employees will be subject to the status classification system listed below.

Satisfactory - eligible to drive. Driving record reflects less than or equal to:

o one (1) moving violation in 12 months

Probationary - eligible to drive with the stipulation that the individual’s motor vehicle record will be checked periodically over the period of probation and their driving record reflects greater than the criteria for Satisfactory status or equal to:

o two (2) moving violations in past 24 months

Unacceptable - Applicants will not be hired if their driving record reflects:

o suspended or revoked license

o three (3) or more moving violations in the past 36 months

o one (1) or more DUIs/DWIs within the past 24 months

o at fault in a fatal accident within the past 5 years

o leaving the scene of an accident within the past 36 months

o reckless driving within the past 12 months


[Company Name] will check the motor vehicle records for all current employees on an annual basis. Any employee without a valid driver's license will not be allowed to operate a company vehicle or drive on [Company Name] business. If driving is an essential job function, and the employee cannot be reasonably accommodated, the employee will be terminated. If an existing employee has a valid driver's license, however if the employee's driving record meets or exceeds Probationary Status criteria, the employee will be placed on Probationary Status and will be subjected to the requirements of that status until the end of the probation. If during a subsequent periodic motor vehicle record check, the employee's record indicates further violations, the [Company Name] will review the specific circumstances surrounding the individual and determine appropriate action.


[Company Name] will check the motor vehicle records of any job applicant where driving is an essential job function and where a rental car must be obtained for business travel purposes. The applicant's job offer is contingent upon this driving record check. The driving record check will include review of any appropriate state records based on the employee's application and resume. If the applicant does not have a valid driver's license, the applicant will not be hired. If an applicant has a driving record that meets or exceeds the criteria listed under the Unacceptable Status, the applicant will not be hired. If the applicant meets the Probationary Status criteria he/she will be placed into that status.