Login to your secure Account and follow these steps.

1.) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

2.) Under Applicant Profile enter the Information on the subject that you need the MVR on. You ONLY need to enter NAME and DOB.

3.) Under Select Searches/Packages - Click the DROP DOWN box and choose MVR DRIVING RECORD under BUNDLES.

4.) Click the Green SELECT button.

5.) You will now see the DRIVING HISTORY SEARCH (GOLD) - Click anywhere on the bar.

6.) The Search bar will expand (drop down) and will prompt you to select the STATE and to enter the DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER (DO NOT ENTER DASHES). Now click SAVE.

NOTE: IF you need to order another State MVR then Click ADD ANOTHER and follow the same procedure. MVR's are charged per State.

7.) The DRIVING HISTORY search bar will turn GREEN.

8.) You may now click the GREEN ORDER Button to process your MVR Report and you will see your ORDER Total.

** Reports are instant in 47 of 50 states (AK, PA and OR are not instant).






NOTE: *** You must have signed authorization from your Applicant before processing their MVR. You keep the authorization in your company files. For PA and AK, you must fax or email us the state authorization form before the report can be completed.