The Society for Human Resource Management (SRHM) says that more than half of job applicants falsify information on their resumes, while a quarter misrepresent educational attainment.


The Top 5 Things People Lie About On Resumes.

From most common to least common:

1. Education
2. Job title
3. Compensation
4. Reason for leaving last job
5. Professional accomplishments

Not verifying your potential employees’ academic credentials could be costly. Hiring employees who have lied on their resumes or
committed academic fraud has wide ranging consequences.SHRM and Recruiting Times estimate that replacing an employee can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $40,000.

In addition to the financial implications, negative consequences can include lost customers and revenue, exposure to theft and lawsuits, and public damage to your reputation. Such a loss of credibility can take years to overcome.

Verifying degrees helps ensure that your employees have earned the credentials they claim. Furthermore, as potential applicants hear of more and more organizations verifying degrees, they will be less likely to attempt fraud.

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