Innovative behavioral and skills assessments from InfoCheckUSA give you the insight you need to hire, develop and promote the people who can make a difference in your organization.  


Assess For Success

Behavioral and skills assessments can benefit your company and your employees.

Whether you are screening one job candidate or thousands, potential or existing employees, students or trainees, our library of customizable skills assessments covering more than 1000 job skills can help you meet your goals.  

Available in multiple languages, InfoCheckUSA's assessment solutions feature a powerful combination of performance-based and knowledge-based skills testing, along with easy-to-use test creation and advanced reporting functionality.

You can help new hires or existing employees rapidly develop new skills with our self-paced professional training courses, including titles from popular software packages such as Microsoft Office, Lotus, Microsoft Works,

QuickBooks, Quicken and more.

InfoCheckUSA assessments cover the widest range of job skills including clerical, software, accounting and finance, call center, healthcare, industrial, legal, retail, food service and IT, as well as behavioral assessments covering attitudes, aptitudes and abilities.

Conduct employment assessments to measure cognitive abilities, risk factors, sales and service potential, workplace skills and personality to help ensure the best fit for your positions.

InfoCheckUSA behavioral and cognitive assessments have been designed to provide more effective and efficient screening of key behavioral traits and cognitive abilities. Each test assesses candidates on a variety of scales to give you a more complete profile of job candidates before making costly hiring decisions.

Unlike other assessments that use one-size-fits-all instruments, our highly modular testing allows you to use any of its individual scales as the building blocks for creating cost-effective custom assessments.

Sample of Individual Scales

Individual Contributor 
    Achievement Orientation
    Applying Work Procedures
    Applied Reasoning
    Attendance/Turnover Risk
    Problem Solving
    Self Management
    Service Orientation
    Team Orientation

Individual and Pro Sales 
    Adapts and Leads in Change
    Applied Reasoning
    Demonstrates Interpersonal Effectiveness
    Manages Business Complexity
    Manages People and Resources
    Sales - Achievement Orientation and Drive
    Sales - Customer Focus and Influence
    Sales - Reliability and Decision Making
    Sales - Sales Ability and Fit

InfoCheckUSA assessments can help you increase retention, improve productivity and overall job satisfaction while avoiding costly hiring mistakes.

Solution Benefits 

  • Measure essential knowledge and skills for jobs in a wide variety of industries
  • Assess behavioral tendencies for improved job and organizational fit
  • More accurately predict job aptitude using realistic simulations of popular software applications and typical job scenarios
  • Comply with EEOC and federal testing guidelines
  • Test your candidates in multiple languages
  • Reduce test-taking time by up to 50 percent with our time-adaptive technology
  • Create quick and affordable tests to precisely match your job requirements, time constraints as well as delivery and validation needs
  • Leverage our psychometric resources for performance benchmarking services
  • Develop a more complete picture of the candidate using a combination of skills, cognitive and behavioral testing
  • Deliver testing through any applicant tracking or HRIS system, ours or yours
  • Enjoy an exceptional level of customer service