InfoCheckUSA is a leading nationwide provider of Employment Skills Testing and offers an affordable and efficient way for people to prove their expertise in widely accepted skills assessment tests. The ability to hire skilled professionals is the key to success for businesses around the world. Experts estimate the cost of a bad hiring or promotion decision ranges from 20% to 200% of a year's salary, depending on the position.

Our Employment Testing solutions have been chosen by hundreds of leading employers to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right positions. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that mis-hiring a $100,000 per year manager costs the employer about $300,000.

Quickly Identify the Best Candidates


Are you overwhelmed by so many applicants that you can't manage the flow with the resources you have available and identify your key candidates in a reasonable amount of time? Many organizations, now use assessments for screening to help with this problem. Often, an applicant can be eliminated because they do not meet the minimum qualifications for the job. In other cases, their past work behaviors indicate potential problems. In still other cases, they don't have the core skills you need to get up-to-speed in a reasonable amount of time. Automation can make these determinations for you.

Assessments Provide Key Information and Structure

Assessments cannot make your hiring decisions for you. However, they can provide needed information to help you answer key questions:

  • Can they do the work?
  • Does their past work history indicate a terrific employee or potential problems?
  • Do they need training or can they hit the ground running?
  • Will their attitude enhance or hinder productivity?
  • Do their interests match the job? Will they stay?

Additionally, by documenting the key dimensions and suggesting interview questions/topics, assessments provide important structure. How much more effective would your hiring managers be at interviewing if they had more structure in front of them?

Our Skills Tests:

  • Cost Effective Testing
  • Take Online Tests
  • Instant Score Reports
  • Over 800 Tests
  • Industry Categories
  • Personality Tests
  • No Software needed
  • Helps with Hiring Decisions
  • Adaptive Test Questions
  • Timed Testing
  • Interactive Questions

Combine Skills Testing with Background Screening to get the right Job Candidate!