The Ipsos Reid report indicated the following statistics associated with different types of workplace fraud as reported in their survey:

  • 37% Theft of office supplies
  • 18% Claiming extra hours worked
  • 13% Stealing product/money
  • 12% Pocketing money from cash sales
  • 8% Inflating expense accounts
  • 2% "Cooking the books"
  • 6% Kickbacks
  • 2% Improper use of company vehicle
  • 1% Creating phony invoices
  • 21% Workers aware of fraud in the workplaces

According to the National Retail Federation, retail crime losses reached a record high of $37.4 billion nationally in 2005, and the biggest crime category is internal theft, which accounts for 47% of the incidents.

According to SHRM, approximately 56% of all "shrinkage" comes from internal theft.

Some examples of employee fraud are listed below:

  • A bookkeeper at the Center for Hematology has been accused of misappropriating money from the Center in Boca Raton for a total of $6 million. 
  • A project consultant for a construction and development company pleaded guilty to stealing about $600,000 from her employer. 
  • Mutual fund shareholder accounts at the Principal Financial Group were drained of some $167,000, and a former employee of the company has bee ncharged with theft.
  • A bookkepper at BHD Corp., a North Palm Beach based home builder, made out more than 100 checks to herself, spending thousands of dollars on dog clothing, doll collections, and jewelry. The company's losses forced it to lay off 20 employees.
  • Sharon Kay Smith, 47, formerly of North Palm Beach, was charged in may with writing more than 400 checks totaling $402,817 on the account of Quality Swimming in Boca Raton to herself and hew own company. Smith was a bookkeeper for 8 years at the swim lessons company. Her case is pending.
  • An attorney's assistant was busted and charged with transferring money from attorney Cari Podesta's office trust account to her own bank account. The former assistant pleaded guilty to grand theft, admitting that she took $241,000 from her boss.
  • A patient coordinator was charged with embezzling $99,245 from a Boca Raton plastic surgeon's office where she worked for 2 years. She told police that she also stole $3,153 from her next employer, a dental clinic.

Source: Background Screening and Investigations © 2008 By Barry Nixon and Kim Kerr