When your search results DO NOT show a Criminal Record that you expected to find, we have come up with 10 reasons that explain why you may think or feel a person has a Criminal Record but No Records where found:

  1. The person was never convicted of a Crime. Remember, being arrested alone does not constitute a criminal record. A person must be convicted of a crime before they get a criminal record.
  2. The Criminal Offenses were recorded under a different name and / or date of birth than the one you searched with.
  3. The Criminal Records are too new and have not yet been updated in the public records repositories we access to conduct your search.
  4. The Criminal Record is in a different state then the state you searched.
  5. The Criminal Records have been sealed and are no longer accessible to the public. This typically happens in the case of minors with criminal offenses.
  6. The Criminal Records have been expunged (they have been permanently removed which requires the intervention of a judge).
  7. The Criminal Records from the State are not reported into the National Databank and can only be located by a County Level Search.
  8. The County Level check was NOT ordered / searched beyond the 7 year default and the criminal offense occurred beyond 7 years from the date of the search.
  9. The Criminal Record occurred at the Federal Level (NOT County or State) and can only be located by running a Federal Criminal Check.
  10. The Name or Date of Birth was entered incorrectly when ordered.

If all correct information was submitted for the search and all proper searches were ordered (ie. National Criminal, Federal Criminal, County Criminal) for the proper time frame then the subjects Criminal Record can be properly reported.