**** Important Information Regarding Criminal Record Checks ****

The information in the County Criminal Search in more accurate but the Scope of the search is geographically limited. The Nationwide Criminal Check is a very powerful tool that can give you a "Thumb-Nail" of a geographical area and huge amount of data, They are both great tools, each with strengths and weaknesses, we recommend doing the Nationwide as a first step in the hiring process, then following it up with a more diligent search of County Criminal Records in the counties that the applicant has held residence in over the past 7 years.

The Nationwide Criminal Check, National Criminal SUPERSEARCH and Statewide Criminal Check are "Instant" database checks; therefore, since a County Criminal Records search is the MOST accurate and up-to-date criminal records search available, we strongly recommend this search (in addition to the database searches) to all of our clients.

Arrest records will NOT be provided in any of our criminal searches. The only criminal record information provided will be related to criminal convictions. If a person was arrested and then released without being convicted, this information will not be reflected in our reports. Depending on the county courthouse, arrest records may occasionally be returned if the case is still ongoing or awaiting trial. Since a person is innocent until proven guilty, arrest records should never be used to make a hiring decision. Only criminal convictions should be used in making decisions.

Any records found with a Database search should be properly authenticated before it is used in the hiring decision. This means conducting a County Criminal Record Search in the county where the record has been revealed. This step will allow you to authenticate the record and ensure that it belongs to your applicant AND show that due diligence was performed by your company. Simply add a County Criminal Check when ordering the database checks to have this performed automatically.

Results Should Always Be Reviewed Carefully:  Not all criminal records result in a conviction, nor do they all provide dispositions of guilt or innocence. Please carefully review each individual record found prior to making a hiring or rental decision.

For a Complete and Comprehensive Criminal Records Check, select the CrimCHECK360 package in your InfoCheckUSA account.