The SUPERSEARCH is more  comprehensive and is the most accurate Instant Criminal Database check on the market. The Nationwide Criminal Check scans 300 million records from 1 Criminal Database and the SuperSearch scans over 850 million records across 3 Databases.

Both Criminal Checks are very good but the SuperSearch is more comprehensive since it checks 3 times more records than the standard Nationwide Criminal Check.

With any Instant Criminal Database check we Recommend it be used in conjunction with a County Level Criminal Check for comprehension and accuracy. With the County Level Check, a Researcher is dispatched to the Court House to check the records.

Both Searches Check the Following:

  • Nationwide Criminal Records (Felonies and Misdemeanors)
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
  • Wanted Fugitive Check
  • OFAC Homeland Security Check
  • Traffic Court (Only Certain States)

NOTE: We recommend that a National Database Check be performed and a County Level Check be performed either in every County that the Individual has lived in for the Past 7 Years or at least (very minimum) in the County where they have lived the longest.