You need to select Statewide Criminal Check (Instant) and when prompted select Colorado as the State.This search will complete within 10 minutes.

Our Colorado Statewide Criminal Check includes Real-time County Court Records therefore this search is 100% accurate and up to date.

Cases included in the database include domestic relations, civil, water, and criminal. In the county courts, the cases in the database include traffic, traffic infraction, civil (to $10,000), small claims, and misdemeanors. Sealed cases are not available on the site. Also not included are these case types – probate, mental health and juvenile. Additionally, certain information within each case is non-public. Social security numbers are omitted, as are street addresses. All parties to a case except the plaintiff and defendant (and in domestic relations cases, the petitioner and the respondent) are considered non-public. This includes judges, victims, police officers and jurors. Attorney names, however, are public. Long narratives are excluded from the database, as are suppressed, sealed, or confidential filing. Financial information - such as fines - are summarized, not detailed.