Adjudication is an agreement between the defendant and the courts to clear the charge from the docket. For this to occur, the defendant has agreed to complete some sort of arrangement, such as a fine, community service, etc. If the defendant fails to hold up their end of the agreement, then he or she will be convicted of the charge and sentenced accordingly.

Adjudication Witheld means you were not convicted, but then you were not Aquitted either. Sometimes the State specifies to dismiss the charges after your probation completed which equals the same as being Aquitted. On all of these you keep your rights, and on a job application you can legally say you werent convicted.

Legal Definition:

Withheld adjudication generally refers to a decision by a judge to put a person on probation without an adjudication of guilt. It means a person is not found guilty legally by the court. If the person successfully completes the terms of probation and has no subsequent offenses, no further action with be taken on the case and the offense for which adjudication was withheld is typically not considered a prior conviction for purposes of habitual offender sentencing. If the person does not complete the terms of probation, a finding of guilty may be entered and the person may be sentenced according to the punishments defined for the offense.