Our system ONLY reports criminal records directly from the criminal repositories which gets the data directly from the courts. You MUST get a judge to authorize any changes to your ACTUAL Court Records - we cannot help you in this matter. If your records were Expunged or Sealed then they should NOT be reporting. Dismissed Criminal Cases will still be reported.

It is possible sometimes that erroneous records may be reported on your report which we can ONLY change after a Quality Assurance Investigation. This may occur when you have a common name and another person with the same name also has the same date of birth. When this occurs please email us your Name, Dispute Information and Report ID so we can further investigate your report. IF we find that your report is NOT correct then we will provide an UPDATED report with the correct information. For example, if your report shows that you had a Felony conviction and you ACTUALLY did not. If in fact you did have a Felony conviction then we CANNOT change your report.

Criminal Database checks are NOT always 100% accurate which is why we also recommend a County Court House check in addition to the database check.