Drug Testing

iScreen is designed to eliminate unnecessary manual steps in the drug testing process - saving time, saving money, and improving service levels to clients. By creating an electronic Chain of Custody form, iScreen eliminates all the errors and waste caused by the printing, faxing, delivery, storage, postage, data entry, and manual completion of forms. These manual processes represent $3-$5 of cost per test that can be eliminated with a paperless system.

The iScreen solution can manage all types of hiring programs: DOT, Non DOT, instant testing, lab based testing, breath alcohol and more.

:: DOT Programs: iScreen was designed to electronically manage DOT drug test results on the web and to capture data for reports and statistical functions.

:: Non DOT Lab Based Testing: for employers who are not eligible for tests; the iScreen solution can process all lab based collections and allow the employer to enjoy the paperless chain of custody and electronic results reporting via the web portal.

:: Breath Alcohol Testing: the iScreen process can also capture, report results and maintain statistics on breath alcohol tests for employers as well.