The eScreen drugs of abuse testing system saves time compared with manual collection procedures.

The eScreen drugs of abuse system saves time compared with traditional manual collection procedures. eScreen automated testing eliminates most of the time-consuming work associated with a manual drug testing specimen collection.

Benefits of automated drug testing when compared to manual specimen collection:

:: Automated drug test results are completed in 2 to 8 minutes, with negative results processed electronically and available on the clients desktop within 15-minutes after test completion.

:: The eCup does not require a 'pour off' stage; labels are already attached to the cup. The collector inserts the eCup into the eReader, clicks 'test' and walks-away, the eReader does the rest automatically.

:: Traditional test collection and processing tasks can take in excess of 15-minutes of labor, including locating results from a printer, faxing and re-faxing results to a client, patient records paperwork and more. With the eScreen system all test information is collected, stored, and transmitted electronically eliminating these manual tasks.

:: eScreen123 software will not progress to the next step in the collection if there are any errors or empty fields, eliminating affidavits.

:: Processing the paperwork on a positive drug test can take longer than completing an MRO call with the donor. Having the Chain of Custody form available electronically allows quick and easy medical review.

:: The system walks a collector through the entire process with testing screens that are legible and intuitive. No small print or Chain of Custody instructions to find and interpret.

:: Easy to navigate check-in screens on eScreen123 eliminate the need to rummage through charts to determine test protocols and locate donor information.